Creating a love of learning, a depth of understanding, and a strong sense of self.

At bet356手机平台, we provide an education that honors the developmental stages of childhood, builds confidence, connection and purpose, and prepares students to realize their full potential as free human beings.

9 - 12年级
“My son feels like he matters. He feels that he has purpose. He looks forward to going to class to engage in the work with the teachers. He’s discovering t这里 is so much he can accomplish.”
“Coming from public school, w这里 she was a number and was completely overwhelmed, our daughter has found that Sacramento Waldorf helped her regain confidence and the sense that she is smart, can learn, remember, and enjoy school. It has turned her life around.”
“Since he’s been attending Waldorf, we’ve seen him be more confident, independent, and expressing himself in ways he’s never had before. In our first year at the high school, we’ve already seen an improvement in independence and creativity. This is the first school he’s attended where he feels completely comfortable, welcome, and safe. He’s noticeably happier and said from the first day, ‘This is w这里 I belong.’”
  • #BlackLivesMatter march Photo by alexis-fauvet on Unsplash
    #BlackLivesMatter march Photo by alexis-fauvet on Unsplash

    How to Speak to Young Children 关于 Race

    For some families, talking about race is a regular part of life. For others, it is a subject that can be difficult to discuss. For everyone, it’s an incredibly important conversation and should not be avoided. Children are learning and hearing about race, regardless of whether parents are talking to…


  • Kim-Fredrik Schneider, Alum 1997
    Kim-Fredrik Schneider, Alum 1997

    校友 Changing the World: Kim-Fredrik Schneider

    By Jennifer Alafranji, 社区 Outreach and Event Manager I first met Kim-Fredrik Schneider at Grand May Day a few years back. He was one of the first people to arrive at our 校友 Reunion and what struck me was his introduction. He looked me directly in the eyes, shook my…


  • Heidi Boucher, married to a bet356手机平台 Alum '81, Alum Parent
    Heidi Boucher, married to a bet356手机平台 Alum '81, Alum Parent

    Heidi Boucher, bet356手机平台 Graduate of ’82

    On this day we honor Heidi Boucher, bet356手机平台 graduate, alumni parent of three and grandmother of three. Her Waldorf education began in England at Michael Hall when she was eight years old. As the eldest child of five, Heidi’s youth was filled with creativity, imagination and caring for…


  • 社区基金 to raise tuition assistance families during the COVID-19 pandemic
    社区基金 to raise tuition assistance families during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Beau Brown’s Speech from the Thursday, May 7, 2020, Town Hall Meeting

    For tonight’s Town Hall, I was asked to look through the list of excellent questions posed to us from the community. And as I read through these, a central theme quickly began to emerge. It has been obvious for a while that our community is experiencing great uncertainty and some…


  • Ann and Leon Mathews circa 1976
    Ann and Leon Mathews circa 1976

    Honoring Leon and Ann Matthews

    Ann and Leon Matthews live on with warmest regard and gratitude in the memories of bet356手机平台 alumni, school parents, and faculty





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